Ecofy your world and discover a greener clean
Ecofy your world and discover a greener clean
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) from the iClean mini created?

When using the iClean mini and mini cartridges, cold tap water is passed through diamond coated electrodes to create SAO instantly and on demand.

How long does SAO from the iClean mini stay as a sanitiser / cleaner?

The SAO solution from the iClean mini dispenses as a cleaner/sanitiser instantly and on demand. The solution will dry on the surface long before the ozone dissipates out.

Why does the iClean mini have a mini cartridge?

The iClean mini cartridge guarantees ozone in solution, will provide 15% more soil removal versus aqueous ozone alone, and protects the cell so that device lasts longer.

How strong is SAO?

Ozone is an oxidant, similar to bleach and hydrogen peroxide. The Tersano systems, iClean mini included, infuse ozone into water, creating SAO – a powerful yet completely safe and sustainable cleaning and sanitising solution.

Where can SAO be used?

SAO solution can used on various surfaces and applications. They include kitchen, bathroom, carpets, windows and even your furniture and shoes.

Can SAO be sprayed on fruits and vegetables?

Absolutely! Place the fruits or vegetables in a bowl and spray with the SAO solution. Let sit for 30 seconds. Food is safe to eat, as SAO is an approved no-rinse sanitiser with HACCP certification. 

Does SAO affect fabric dyes when sprayed on furniture or clothing?

SAO will not discolour clothing or furniture, as SAO targets organic matter and not the chemical dyes. SAO attacks germs and bacteria, but will not effect dye colour.

Can chemicals be added to SAO to enhance the cleaning power?

No, it is not recommended to use any chemical additive in the SAO solution. Although nothing dangerous would happen, the ozone in the SAO solution would attack the chemical first. You may be left with just water and a less effective solution.

What if SAO comes into contact with skin, eyes, or ingested?

SAO has a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of 0-0-0-A. If SAO solution comes into contact with skin, eyes or even accidentally ingested, there would be zero harm. 

How many reservoirs of water can the iClean mini dispense on a single electrical charge?

One complete charge of the iClean mini will yield approximately 7 reservoirs of solution.

When does the mini cartridge need replacing?

Roughly 25 reservoirs, or 4L of water. Typically every three months.

Is the iClean mini dishwasher safe?

No, the iClean mini is not dishwasher safe.

Is SAO technology certified?

Yes, SAO technology is HACCP, NSF and GreenSeal certified and complies in all Green Star (Performance) rated projects. This provides you assurance that it has been rigorously assessed for its environmental, health and ethical impacts whilst ensuring its high cleaning and sanitising performance.

Last Updated: June 2020